About Ross Cohen

Hi there, that’s me. I’m not the CEO of a unicorn start-up, or a swashbuckling venture capitalist. I’m not even a New York Times best-selling author.

I’ve never appeared in Forbes magazine or on anyone’s “40 under 40” list. And, I don’t have 112 million Twitter followers. In fact, I have zero.

My mom is proud of me nonetheless. Or, so she says.

What I am is a marketing executive. And, I write regularly about marketing leadership.

Writing helps me clarify my thoughts. The weekly newsletter is a forcing mechanism so I’ll do it consistently. I share my work in the hopes that it’ll be helpful for you, too. That, and I’d much rather write than talk to you. Nothing personal, I’m sure you’re great.

I write about strategic marketing. And, I write on leadership, both of self and others, because I believe it’s impossible to be an effective marketing executive without a command of both.

I aim to explore these topics in a thought-provoking way. But, ideas are only as good as the change they inspire, so my focus is on making them actionable, to help put them into practice to grow your business and career.

Good ideas can come from anywhere, so I share a combination of my own thoughts and links to the best of what I find from others. And, I steer clear of the latest noise to highlight themes with enduring, long-term value.

My professional background is at the intersection of analytics, technology, and creative marketing. I’ve done a lot of work in performance marketing, specifically for businesses where the sale happens offline.

That means I believe strongly that marketing should be carefully measured and held accountable for delivering top and bottom-line results. I’m interested in topics like channel selection, paid media tactics, segmentation models, landing page design and optimization, customer lifetime value, CRM tools, sales conversion, data tracking and KPI definition.

I write everything here entirely myself. I’m not writing to advance a business, which means I have nothing to sell you. So, I don’t send spammy sales letter or salacious calls-to-action like “five hidden strategies to double your sales overnight” or “six secret tricks to make you a star in bed”.

Just my thoughts on marketing leadership. You can check them out here.

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