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Trust, but verify

As your team scales, the volume of work underway grows with it. In a 20-person team, there may be 1,000 hours of work or more being done every single week. In a 100-person team, that number grows to 5,000 hours. How can you stay close to the important details of decisions being made and initiative

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The worst day of your life

For most of us, today will be an ordinary day. Whatever important things you’ve planned will probably get done. Or, maybe not. Either way, by next month you’ll have forgotten 99.99% of it. Today will be indistinguishable from the expected 29,000 others that will comprise your complete life. But, for someone out there, today is

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No one wants to tell you…

…if you’re a bad leader. Chances are, even if you’re mostly a pretty good leader, they still won’t tell you what you’re doing wrong. Think about it. The power dynamic discourages this kind of candor. You control their assignments, bonuses, and future employment prospects. It’s too risky for them to offer the kind of feedback

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Getting Started

Staring at a blank screen is daunting. On the quest to produce something enduring and meaningful, we give the first step far more attention and scrutiny than it deserves. “If you set your bar at ‘amazing,’ it’s awfully difficult to start.” Seth Godin Greatness is usually the result of consistent iteration and refinement over time,

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