Everyone’s a marketer now

If you wanted to open a bakery back in 1990, your marketing predominantly consisted of your physical location.

If you really wanted to go big, you’d locate in a more desirable part of town, you might invest in some prominent signage outside your store, and maybe even some print advertising in the local newspaper to announce your arrival.

To open that same bakery today, you’d still need the physical location and sign. But, you’d also need a professionally-designed website that could be found and read by Google. You might run an email list to offer discounts to regular customers and make them aware of special events.

You’d need social media accounts that pump out high-quality imagery of your products on a regular cadence. You’d probably want to carefully manage your reputation on Trip Advisor and Yelp, as leaving that to fate could have dire consequences.

You might even take matters into your own hands and employ an influencer strategy to pay prominent social media users to shill your products. And, you’d almost certainly need to juggle a presence on multiple food delivery services with names like grubhub and seamless.

A cupcake isn’t just a cupcake anymore. Instead, your bakery is now selling a “lifestyle experience” that is carefully curated and managed across multiple channels. Today, everyone is a marketer.

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