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Every Sunday, I send out …This is Why., an email newsletter of thought-provoking insights designed to make us better marketing leaders. The newsletter is quick to consume, but meant to fill you up (like a protein shake).

Why another email newsletter? The internet offers so much promise and opportunity, but often fails to deliver – devolving into hyper-promotionalized clickbait. Everyone has something to sell. Everyone wants your attention. And they’ll cut any corner to get it, in a frantic race to the bottom.

…This is Why. turns that model on its head to deliver something that is decidedly “Un-Internet,” through the original digital medium (email). It’s different in three important ways:

Click Repellent. “You won’t believe what happens next!” Every post online is either shocking, amazing, or unbelievable. Or sometimes all three. It plays to our curiosity and can be irresistible, but it’s a waste of time. Instead, I focus on sharing ideas with nutritional value, not driving clicks or monetizing your attention. No suspense, no cliffhangers, just ideas you can use. Think kale and avocados, not potato chips.

Strategic. There are unlimited tactical instructions online on almost any topic, from hiring a UX designer to leveraging negative keywords in paid search. Sometimes that content is very useful. But, tactics without strategy is motion without progress. In contrast, I focus on how to think about and process a changing world, to be a better integrated thinker, leader and achiever. It’s rarely urgent and never sexy, but it’s where the real value is.

Not for Sale. The Internet is such an effective monetization tool that nearly everything online is for sale. Even expert reviews. …This is Why. has no business model. There are no seminars, no training courses, no paid subscriptions, and no affiliate links here. I won’t ever ask you for money, and I don’t take money from sponsors. What does that mean? The point of view I share is entirely my own and not for sale.

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