Learning a New Skill

Educational resources have never been more accessible than they are right now.

Twenty years ago, learning happened in specific physical locations that required travel, had admissions requirements, and charged tuition.

Today, I can take a high-quality, college-level course on almost any topic imaginable without leaving my couch. And, it’s free (or practically free).

The artificial barriers to learning are mostly gone.

This creates endless opportunity for the curious and motivated. The only thing standing in the way of learning a new skill now is finding the time to do it and staying with it when it gets hard.

But, this dynamic also creates new expectations and new dimensions of competition. If learning is widely accessible and free, and others are regularly doing it, why aren’t you?

Expectations for upskilling will increase over time and it will become progressively harder to rest on your laurels and get by on what you learned in school over a decade ago. It’s up to you whether you view this as an opportunity or threat, and how you choose to respond.

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