The worst day of your life

For most of us, today will be an ordinary day. Whatever important things you’ve planned will probably get done. Or, maybe not. Either way, by next month you’ll have forgotten 99.99% of it. Today will be indistinguishable from the expected 29,000 others that will comprise your complete life.

But, for someone out there, today is going to be the best day of their life; the one they’ll replay and share forever. Maybe they’ll get engaged, birth their first child, buy their dream home, or get that big promotion at work.

And, for someone else, today will be their worst day; the one they’ll never get over. They may get served with divorce papers, lose a child, see their home foreclosed, or get laid off.

That person on the other end of your call or meeting or coffee order, which day are they having? What role do you want to play in it?

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