What’s that an ad for?

“That’s an ad for wearing the color blue…”

I was making conversation with my kindergartener, asking her impression of the TV ads we saw while waiting for our pizza at a local place.

I filed away that adorable little nugget to share with my wife later.

In retelling it, I realized something important. Nora’s comment was endearing, yes, but it also contained the kernels of an important marketing lesson.

If a dialed-in six-year-old can’t tell what your ad is for, a multi-tasking adult who’s trying to tune you out likely won’t know either.

No one pays as much attention to your ads as you do. And, in obsessing about all the nuance and tiny details, we often lose sight of what’s most important.

If you want your messages to land, simplify them and reinforce the basics. Rinse and repeat.

Then call your six-year-old in for a consultation.

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