When’s the last time you changed your mind?

When did changing your mind become a bad thing?

Good decisions require a solid understanding of the relevant ground conditions and thoughtful analysis of all readily available information. And, the available resources for making them are always some kind of constraint – be it time, money, or effort – otherwise we’d continue to analyze forever and never decide anything.

But, decisions are made at a single point in time, in a dynamic world. Conditions on the ground inevitably change. New information becomes available. If these changes are relevant to the original decision, why wouldn’t we revisit it?

Holding firm in the face of change or new, contrary evidence isn’t a sign of strength or effective leadership. It’s a sign of bad decision making, foolishness, and irresponsibility.

What matters is that when a leader does change their mind, that they do it thoughtfully and with good reason. In decision making, context is everything.

When’s the last time you changed you mind about something?

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