You can grow your business overnight

You can buy clicks on Google and Facebook. Or, you can buy leads from a lead gen company.

All you need is money and a little bit of technical expertise, and you have a fast path to more volume. Unfortunately, all your competitors are getting that exact same sales pitch.

In this case, you’re really just renting someone else’s platform. You can get incremental volume quickly, but they get the economic benefit – and they can sell it to another buyer any time they choose.

The alternative is to build something proprietary that you own and control, and is specifically tailored to your situation. That can take the form of a retail location, or a network of sales agents, or a substantive content strategy.

Regardless of form, building something bespoke costs money and takes time. It’s sustainable and defensible, but does nothing for you overnight.

Either approach can produce incremental volume. Only one offers the potential for real returns over the long-haul.

The key question for you is how important the “overnight” portion of this equation is and how much are you willing to give up to get it.

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